Tightly balltied with her arms strecth up in a horrible squat strappado

103 photos; 8:07 video

Whitney Morgan

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Hot blond Whitney struggles at the end of a chain in the lair bitching and complaining. Her arms are welded tightly together behind her back in ropes with her bound wrists tethered to a chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. Her poor elbows are crushed tightly together with tight ropes slicing deep into her biceps. Whitney twists, turns and pulls at the ropes to no avail. The Hunter returns and she demands that he untie her now and let her go. But the Hunter has other plans for the feisty blond. He pulls out a big red ballgag and jams the ball between her teeth and straps it in tight.. He then grabs more ropes and ties her shapely legs tightly together with ropes wrapped and cinched around her ankles and knees. He pushes a high stool up under her ass and orders her to sit. Whitney is glad to sit to give her feet a rest in her stiletto heels. The Hunter then ties a rope to her bound elbows and runs it over her shoulders and down between her tighlty bound knees. He pulls her chest down to her thighs and wraps the ropes under her knees and up over and around her back before cinching the ropes tight at her chest. Whitney is now tied in a tight little ball with her ass resting precariously on the edge of the stool. Then the Hunter pulls the stool out from under her ass. Whitney tries to keep her legs straight but the are already shaking from trying to keep her weight up. When her legs give out her ass sinks to her heels and her hands are jerked up high behind her back. Her poor shoulders scream in pain as the twist and rotate in their sockets to their limits. She feels like her arms are about to be ripped out of her shoulders. But Her legs are too weak to push up and take the strain off her shoulder and arms. The Hunter leaves her alone and barely able to move as she suffers in the cruel squat strappado. 

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