Postied her poor tits throb & swell bound in zipties

98 photos; 9:07 video

Luna Dawn

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Hot raven hair tattoo'd MILF Luna struggles at a steel post with her arms fused together behind her back. She can feel there brutally tight zipties bite deep into her soft flesh crushing her elbows together with one around her upper arms, another one fusing her forearms together and the last one cutting into her wrist bones. A huge red ball gag is jammed between her teeth spreading her jaws painfully open. Luna struggles desperately in her bondage but there is no slipping out of the brutally tight nylon ties. She begs and pleads with the Hunter through her gag to be cut free when he returns. But the Hunter has other plans for his helpless captive. Luna protests through her gag as he unzips the front of her skin tight shiny top and pulls her big tits out. He plays with her big tits before grabbing more zipties. Luna's eyes go wild in horror as she realizes that he intends on binding her big beautiful tits with the zip ties. She curses and swears through her gag as he wraps the nylon tie around the base of her left breast and pulls it tight. The hard nylon slices deep into the soft flesh around the base of her breast causing it to swell and bulge. She moans and groans as her breast throbs in pain then her grabs another ziptie and wraps it around her right tit and pulls it tight. Luna looks down at her big beautiful tits as they swell and throb. But the Hunter isn't finished yet as he wraps more zipties around both of her bound, swollen tits and pulls it tight binding her swollen tits together. Then to finish he wraps still another ziptie between her ber breast to cinch them tightly together. With her breast bound and swelling up like two ripe melons he ties a rope around her tiny waist then runs the rope down between her legs and buries it deep in her pussy. The end of the crotch rope is tied to another rope that runs up through an overhead pulley. He pulls the crotch rope bowstring tight before tying the end of the rope to an anchor on the far wall. One more ziptie is then wrapped around both of her ankles and the post and pulled tight fusing her ankles to the base of the post. He leaves poor Luna alone to struggle and suffer as her breast continue to swell and change colors.

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