Stalked bound & gagged by a deranged kinky couple

127 photos; 14:23 video

Stacy Burke with Gigi

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Stacy is in her room getting ready for her awards show when there is a knock on the door. She answers the door and a crazed woman fan pushes her way in. The woman jumps around in excitment meeting her favorite bondage model Stacy Burke. Stacy tries to be polite but she doesn't know what to do with this crazy woman as she pushes past her and enters the room. She sees a pile of rope and get all excited again and grabs the ropes and asks Stacy if she can have some of the ropes that Stacy Burke was bound with. Stacy just wants to get rid of this nut job and offers her an autograph if she will please leave. The woman gets all excited and agrees telling her that her husband will be overjoyed with a autograph from the famous Stacy Burke. Stacy goes over to her desk to look for a pen and doesn't see the crazy woman come up behind her until it is too late. The woman clamps a chemical soaked rag over Stacy's mouth and nose and drags her back to the sofa. Stacy is overcome with the fumes, her brain gets foggy and her legs get weak. She black out only to awaken later with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles bound with rope. Stacy calls for help but the nut is still in the room, she comes in and tells her to keep quiet. Her husband will be here soon but she needs to keep quiet. She then grabs an old torn sheet and pulls it between Stacy's teeth and cleave gags her. She leaves Stacy bound and gagged on the floor and tells her she will be back soon with her husband. Stacy struggles on the floor not wanting to meet the crazy woman's husband. She reaches down from her ankle ropes and finds the knots. She fantically tries to untie the knots with her outstretched fingers. Stacy manages to loosen the ropes and is able to kick her feet free to the ropes. She struggle to her feet and manages to push the gag out of her mouth. Then with her wrists still bound behind her back she tries to escape the room. But it is too late as the woman's husband enters the room. He grabs Stacy and re-gags her with the torn sheet, pulling the gag tigher between her lips and wrapping it around her head three times. The he pushes her over to the sofa and ties her ankles tightly together again. Stacy begs and cries through her gag as he tells her to keep quiet. They plan on waiting to late tonight to sneak her out of the hotel. But he need to tie her in a tiny little package to fit inside a suit case. Stacy cries through her gag as he wraps ropes around her elbows and pulls them tightly together behind her back. He ties her knees then attaches a rope to her bound knees and runs the rope up over her shoulders. The rope is run between her bound elbows and her chest is pulled downn to her knees. He cinches the ropes between her chest and knees so that poor Stacy is tied in a tight little ball. He moves her to the floor and ties a rope to her bound stiletto heels and then runs the rope to her bound wrists. Stacy's feet are pulled up to her ass as he pulls the rope between her wrists and heels bowstring tight. She is completely immoblizied in a super strict ball tie, she can barely move much more then her head. He tells her to get some rest, they will come back later with the suitcase and pack her inside for transport. Stacy begs and cries through her gag as she struggles in the ropes as he leaves the room. Stacy is completely helpless her only hope is that someone will come looking for her when she doesn't show up for her award.

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