Strictly bound on her knees in her hotel room

94 photos; 8:07 video

~Sadie Holmes~

bondage, damsel in distress, shiny, high heels, upskirt, stockings, struggling, tied elbows, crushed elbows, on screen gagging, ball gag, gagged girl, rope, hogtied, spanking, BDSM


Leggy Sadie sits on a foot rest bound in ropes, her wrists are tied behind her back, her ankles are tied and a rope runs under the foot rest tethering her wrists to her bound ankles. Sadie is bitching and complaining as she struggles in the tight ropes. She pulls at her wrists, twisting her body trying to free herself from the tight ropes. But her struggles are futile as the Hunter comes back into the room with more rope. She demands that he free her now but he has other plans for her. Sadie protests as he unzips the front of her shiny tight top and pulls out her perky tits. Then ropes are wrapped around her biceps as she continues her protesting and complaining. Sadie yelps and moans as he slams her poor elbows together behind her back, wraps ropes around and around her arms before cinching them tightly together. Sadie can feel her elbows rubbing against each other and her forearms fusing together behind her back. She looks over her shoulder and sees him grab a big red ballgag. She begs and pleads with him not to gag her but he pushes it between her teeth and ties the ball gag between her teeth with a rope tied around her head and throat. Sadie continues to protest, beg and cry through her gag as he ties her knees tightly together. He then frees her wrists from the tether rope and rolls her over onto her chest with her knees on the floor on the foot rest. Sadie screams and cries as he spanks her wriggling ass with his hand. After her spanking he grabs more rope and ties her down to the foot rest with ropes running over her shoulders and around her body and the foot rest. Then antoher rope is tied to her bound stiletto heels and her feet are pulled up off the floor and the ropes tied to her heels is tied to her wrists in a hogtie. He gives her a few more swats on the ass before leaving her alone to struggle helplessly in the ropes. 

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