You're not good enough for my son bitch

6:22 video

~Kerri Taylor~ with Kelliann

bondage, Damsel in Distress, rope bondage, high heels, gagged girl, ball gagged, blindfold, tied up, chairtied, struggling, tied elbows, peril, BDSM


Buxum Kerri awakes sitting in a chair bound, gagged and blindfolded. She has no idea how she got here, the last thing she remembered was getting off work and getting into her car then everything went black. She struggles helplessly in the chair feeling the brutally tight ropes dig deep into her wrists and elbows. But she can barely move. She hears someone approach and starts screaming and crying into her gag for help. But she hears a familair voice scolding and berating her. She knows that voice and as the older woman removes the blindfold her worse fears are realized. Her boyfriends domineering and crazy mother Kelliann is standing over her. His mother always hated her and never approved of there engagement. That is way they had planned to elope but Kelliann must have gotten word about their plans and the crazy woman has taken matters into her own hands. She had Kerri and brought to the old abandoned factory. Kelliann cirles the chair like a hungry hyena slapping at helpless Kerri, pulling her hair and whipping her with the blindfold. Kerri begs and pleas into her gag but Kelliann is in no mood, she hates Kerri and has dreamed of this day for a long time. She leaves Kerri alone to suffer in her bondage and think about what Kelliann has in store for her. Kelliann returns later with Kerri still bound and exhausted slumped in the chair. She slaps the girl awake and then tells her the end is near. Kerri screams in terror as Kelliann produces a clear plastic bag and pulls it over Kerri's head.

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