Breast bound, fused to a pole with shiny tape & forced to cum

47 photos; 10:02 video

~Lexi Lane~

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Pretty hapless neighbor girl, Lexi Lane, struggles in the lair with her arms welded together and encased in shiny black electrical tape. Her elbows are crushed together by the tape even her poor hands are balled up and totally useless to her completely encased in the tape. There is a steel pole between her back and her helplessly bound arms and her shapely legs are taped together with more shiny black electrical tape wrapped around her ankles, knees and the pole. A big black ball gag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. The Hunter comes back with more tape and begins wrapping her upper body with more tape, her belly is tightly taped to the pole then her shoulders and chest are wrapped in tape, the tape is also wrapped around her uselessly bound arms, pinning them to the pole. Poor Lexi is completely helpless now, she can barely more. She watches as the Hunter grabs a wand vibrator and lifts her skirt and presses the head of the vibrator against her pussy. Then more of the shiny black tape is wrapped around her thighs, hips and pole pinning the vibrator in place against her pussy. Lexi jerks in her bondage as her turns on the vibrator and leaves her alone to struggle as the vibrator begins to stimulate her pussy. Lexi pulls desperately at the tape but she really can't move, she can feel her first orgasm building up inside her. Then she cum hard in her bondage moaning and crying through her gag. The Hunter comes back with more tape and pulls her big tits out of her skin tight vinyl dress. She begs and cries through her gag as he begins to wrap her big tits up with the tape. The tape is wrapped like a tourniquet around the base of her tits, as the tape bites deep in the soft flesh around her the base of her tits they begin to swell and bulge like two over ripe melons. Once her tits are creully taped and swollen he wraps more tape around both of her tits to tape them tightly together. He leaves poor Lexi alone as the vibrator continues it relentless work on her pussy. And despite her throbbing tits Lexi can feel another orgasm building up deep inside her. She begs and sobs through her gag for help but there is no one to save her. She looks down at her poor swollen tits as they begin to change colors. She closes her eyes as another orgasm come closer to exploding in her pussy.

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