Tightly bound & gagged weighted crotch rope predicament

34 photos; 10:12 video


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Busty raven hair Nyxon is dragged into the lair tightly bound and gagged. Her elbows are crushed together behind her back with layer of rope biting deep into her biceps and wrists. Her mouth has been tightly packed with old rags and sealed shut with layers of shiny black tape wrapped around her head. The Hunter pushes her onto a low stool with her back to a horizontal pipe. He pulls her arms over the pipe and tethers her bound wrists to a ring mount on the floor behind her. He then begins to sort through a pile of rope as Nyxon struggles, bitching and complaining about having her elbows welded so tightly together. He tosses more rope at her feet and Nyxon defiantly tries to kick the ropes away. But her defiance is rewarded as her ties a rope around each of her knees and then spreading her long shapely legs apart he tethers her knees to the sides of the pipe frame. Nyxon stomps her feet in protest as her legs are spread, causing her skirt to ride up and exposing her sexy blue lace panties. The Hunter then ties another rope around her tiny waist and pulls it down between her legs and buries it deep in her panties. She screams in protest again as her pussy is cleaved in two by the crotch rope. She can only watch as the Hunter pulls up a ladder and runs the end of the crotch rope up through a pulley hanging from a hook in the ceiling. He climbs down from the ladder and grabs a gallon of paint and ties it to the end of her crotch rope. Nyxon tries to kick at him but with her knees bound and tethered to the frame her kicks are futile. The Hunter toys and teases her by trying to balance the heavy paint can on her head, but Nyxon's head can't support the paint can so her pulls the ladder back in front of her and balances hte paint can precariously on one of the steps. Nyxon follows the crotch rope up to the pulley over head with her eyes then back down to the precariously perched paint can. She tries not to move in fear of upsetting the paint can but it is hopeless. The paint can tetters and wobbles then she screams in terror into her gag as it falls off the step. She watches as the heavy paint can reaches the of the rope and feels the crotch rope slice deep in her pussy. Nyxon tries to kick at the can with her stiletto heels in a futile attempt to get it back on the step. But each of her kicks causing the paint can to swing and saw the crotch rope deeper into her pussy. She make a valiant attempt to support the paint can on the toe of her shoe but that ends in frustration. Nyxon snort through her gag in anger as she watch the paint can swing to and fro jerking the crotch rope with each swing. 

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