Hoisted up by her wrists for bound orgasms

69 photos; 6:36 video

~Dacey Harlot~

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Pretty Dacey struggles in the lair in her skin tight satin dreess and heels with her wrists locked in leather cuffs attached to an chain hanging down from an overhead pulley. A big black ballgag is jammed between her teeth to keep her quiet. Dacey twists and turns in her leather restraints trying to kick at the winch and cable holding her wirsts high above her head with her stiletto heels. But her reach is limited by her cuffs wrists and winch remains out of reach. The Hunter comes in and goes over to the wall and grabs the remote and presses the button, Dacey can hear the whirl of the electric motor and feel her wrists being pulled higher above her head. She begs and cries through her gag as she is stretched out onto her toes. The Hunter grabs some chains and locks a chain to the leather cuffs locked around her slender ankles. Then to her horror he presses the button on the remote again and lift her up into the air by her leather cuffed wrists. Dacey moans, begs and cries through her gag as he dangles in the air by her wrists. The Hunter grabs a steel pipe bolted down to a wooden platform and places it under her crotch to get a measurement. He adjusts her height by pressing the button on the remote again until her pussy is on level with the pipe. He leaves her dangling in the air by her wrists and takes a seat then begins to tape a wand vibrator to the pipe. Once the wand vibrator is taped to the pipe he spreads her legs apart using the chains attached to her cuffed ankles and attaches the chains to a set of rings mounted on the floor. With Dacey legs spread he moves the vibrator attached to the pipe back and places it under her skirt so that the head of the vibrator is pressed against her pussy. He turns on the vibrator and Dacey begins to moan and cry through her gag in pleasure and pain as the vibrator begins to stimulate her pussy. She tries to swing her pussy away from the vibrator but with her ankles chained down she can't get too far away. The Hunter sees her struggling to get away so he grabs a wide leather belt and binds her thigh together around the steel pipe she she can't get her pussy away from the vibrating wand. She throws her head back and screams through her gag in orgasm as she cums. As her first orgasm begins to subside she begs and cries through her gag but the Hunter is gone, he has left her alone to suffer through multipule orgasms.

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