Defiant blond punished with a brutal crotch rope and nipple clamps

62 photos; 15:22 video

~Briella Jaden~ 

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Sexy blond Briella sits on the old cot with her arms fused tightly together behind her back with ropes. Her ankles are crossed and pulled up to her crotch, she isn't very happy and demands to be freed. The Hunter comes in and stuffs a rag into her mouth then wraps layers of vet wrap around her head covering her mouth and silencing her bitching and complaining. He grabs more rope and ties a tight crotch rope down between her legs and ties her crossed ankles to the crotch rope pulling her feet in close to her crotch and increasing the pressure on the rope pulling it deep between her satin covered pussy and ass. He flips her over onto her belly and runs the end of the crotch rope between her bound wrists pulling her legs into a tight hogtie. He runs a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches the end of the chain to her hogtie rope and pulls the chain tight forcing her ass into the air. He leaves Briella stuggling on the old cot barely able to move. Briella curses into her gag so he returns to punish her severely with more rope. He releases her from the chain and demands she apoligize for her foul language. Briella defiantly refuses and continues to curse and threaten him through her gag. He then flips her over onto her back and reattaches the chain to her crotch rope and pulls down on the chain lifting her hips into the air. The crotch rope bites deep into her pussy and ass as her weight is suspending by her crotch rope. She is still defiant so he leaves only to return with some nipple clamps. He gives her one last chance to apoligize which she answers with more profanity and defiance. So he attaches the nipple clamps to her hard nipples. Briella screams into her gag in pain as he grabs another peice of rope and ties it to the chain between her nipple clamps. The rope from her nipple clamps is then run up to the suspension chain pulling her nipples tight. She begins to beg and plead now but too late as the Hunter walks off leaving her in the punishing bondage.

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