Stretched over a rail for helplessly bound orgasms

97 photos; 10:06 video

~Dacey Harlot~

bondage, Damsel in Distress, bound orgasms, small tits, high heels, shiny, satin mini skirt, upskirt, tied up, struggling, gagged girl, tape gag, wand vibrator, forced orgasms, BDSM


Pretty Dacey's stiletto heels scrap the floor as she is dragged into the lair by her tightly bound wrists. Her pitiful protests are stifled by the big rag jammed deep in her mouth and sealed in with layers of shiny black electrical tape. The Hunter drags her over to a steel pipe rail, her hips press against the rail as he pulls her bound wrists over to a ring mounted on the wall. Her arms are stretched tight as she lift her feet off the floor kicking and crying as her wrists are secured to the wall. He grabs more ropes and spreading her flailing legs wide apart he tied her slender ankles to the vertical pipes. Her short satin skirt rides up her legs as she struggles, revealing her pretty blue lacy bikini panties. Helplessly bound and vuneralbe Dacey can't turn to see what the Hunter is doing behind her. The she hears him turn on a wand vibrator and feels him press it up against her pussy from behind. Dacey jerks and pulls at the ropes as she protests through her gag. But stretched out in the tight ropes she can barely move. As the vibrator stimulates her pussy she begins to grind her pussy against the vibrator. The Hunter grabs some rope and ties the vibrator to her pussy and leaves her struggling in the ropes moaning through her gag as the vibrator brings her to orgasm. As she cums hard her body pulls at the ropes but they hold her fast, she can't get away. Her orgasms begins to subside but poor Dacey can already feel another one building up inside her. She begs and cries through her gag but there is no one to hear her and there is no escape.

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